Auto DM’s Suck

The point of this article is not to shit on Auto DM’s but to run through the pro’s and con’s I’ve experience on Twitter so far. I started Beat The Game to showcase indie producers who use the internet as their main tool for promotion. I’ve decided to make it something others can study also, not by me giving advice but by watching me fuck up. So keep in mind I don’t know shit, this is my journey towards trying to know it.

The first con of twitter I’ve been affected by is the Auto DM’s. I’ve gotten many that aren’t designed to target me, so I automatically know it’s fake and don’t even check it out. My page is designed to help producers spread their word but the DM’s I get are asking me to purchase tracks. I delete it and move to the next one. Another problem to me is nothing initiates a real conversation. At most they initiate a sales conversation which doesn’t apply to what I’m trying to do. I know its not a complete con because it can be used more effectively but I’ve been getting a lot of nothing, so its in the negative category in my mind until we all get better at it. I don’t even send normal DM’s now because it might look fake.

The only other con/pro I feel right now is the news feed at certain times. I see the same people posting the same thing over and over which gets annoying. I try to not post the same content twice and I’m trying to create more interesting posts that get engagement and drive people to the links I may have in my bio. Again I don’t know shit. I’m comfortable messing up and trying to figure this game out though. One thing I do love about the news feed is how free people feel to complain. What people don’t like others doing to them on twitter they post it and I read and react accordingly. Its kind of like getting a feel for the room and then addressing the crowd rather than jumping in blind. People bond when they realize they think alike is the biggest thing I’ve learned from the news feed so far.

This has also been a good self awareness meter for me. I have to decide do I want to brand this as me or its own entity. Do I post what I’m feeling or act like a robot trying to run some robotic ass brand. Am I comfortable with putting myself in position for people to say how smart or stupid I am. How does this link up with my ultimate goal? Who the fuck am I? I love it so far and I’m going to stick with it and see what I can build.

My next idea is to monitor how my followers grow by each 100. So from 400-500 then 500-600 and so on to 10,000. I’ll track the speed it happens and the tactics I use to gain more followers. I hope someone can watch this process and learn and do it better for themselves.





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