Slow Dough Part 1 (400-500)

I’m going to start this off at 400-500 because that’s when I got the idea. Listen to Slow Dough by 50 cent and you’ll understand why I titled this little project the way I did. Before this the account took about 9 days to get to 400 followers. I didn’t do anything special except follower producers, rappers and DJ’s. I also interacted as much as possible no matter what I was doing throughout the day.

The jump from 400-500 only took one day. I started doing research on tactics to use and came across a video on youtube by Flight Media. These dudes haven’t posted in like 2 years but this was a good video. It gives you tactics on how to get your first 20k followers and the main point was to follow leaders in your industry and interact with their followers. I want no part in buying fake followers and I want to keep everything targeted correctly, so this made a lot of sense.

I put it into action yesterday and gained 100 followers in one day that I’m interacting with and getting more followers from the interactions. The feeling I’m getting is that the exponential growth happens because of the interactions after a tactic like this starts to work. The tactic puts things in motion and you keep it in motion with more direction through interacting with people.

I’m going  to keep this tactic up everyday and try to create more content people will engage with. I’m definitely going to have to go harder because I know 100 isn’t a lot for 1 day. There’s a lot of videos with the same information I recommend watching everything and getting every perspective.



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