Producer Spotlight #1 Akhordz Productions

I first found Akhordz Productions on facebook. I can’t recall what the post was exactly, but I do remember noticing it was an ad and targeted me dead on. When I clicked on his page, I noticed he doesn’t do much asking at all. I was expecting to see Buy 1 get 2 free posts over and over but instead there was shit to laugh at, good advice and some ill ass beats.

The reason I’ll keep following Akhordz is because of the advice videos he puts out. When you know how to put info into action, someone sharing an experience with you is priceless. My favorite video from him so far is “Never wait on a deal”. To sum it up I believe he says “you can’t be a bitch in this game”. Tactics like this remind me that we’re all in this game together.

Akhordz has been producing for around 10 years out of Dallas, TX. My favorite track of his is My God which you can find on his website¬† Overall in his catalog you’re going to hear that Dirty South bounce and also some Trap style tracks. You’ll also hear something old school, traditional hip hop and abstract. As you run through his music I urge you to take a look at his consistent, strategic style of branding himself.



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