Producer Spotlight #2 Valentine Beats

Spotlight #2 is going to be all about Valentine Beats who caught my attention because of how his business is set up. I also like the beginning of his bio where it states he started producing in 2009 as a hobby. I like when I hear that because in my mind that’s hip hop, when you do it for fun and realize this can be your business. He also started with NO musical background and has grown his following to where it is now (+70,000 regular listeners and over 25,000,000 song plays).

The part of his business that caught my attention is his company Beats 24-7. Its a group of producers and a few engineers that work together to put out high quality instrumentals in multiple genres. They also sell drum kits and sound banks (users can also sell their own drum kits here), plus mixing and mastering services. The power behind this idea is incredible. Its something beneficial for everyone involved to promote and allows them to make money all kinds of ways from that one spot.

On you’ll find just about every style of hip hop there is. So if you’re trying to find your sound this is the spot to go. Producers have to know how to make every style so rappers better know how to switch that flow up!



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