Slow Dough Part 2 (500-600)

Ok so remember I don’t know shit and this is my journey to know it. So part 2 of this is about how stupid part 1 was. Part 1 was about following other peoples followers which does get you followers but that’s all it does. As soon as I posted that, I read something about how followers really don’t mean shit its about finding followers that will actually care about what you’re doing. I already had that idea in my head but when I really took a look at my actions I saw that’s the only place that idea was, in my head not my actions.

So instead of following as many people as possible (which did get the account out the dirt but not off the ground yet) I’m going to actively communicate with everyone that follows me. I’ve noticed its slower but the people that follow me because they saw me retweet or say something they like engage far more than people who are following me because I’m following them.

I try to pick about 10-20 people everyday and run through their accounts and react to their tweets, visit their links to learn about them and care about what they have going on. I’ve noticed I get a lot of love when I talk to people about things that are deep in their website or content. They can tell I really looked into them and I’m not just talking shit when I give them a compliment.

The goal is to get to a point where I’ve got a real core of people who pay attention and react to the blog and then start paying for ads in the right spots. My theory is every great business starts with the hardcore underground fans and blasts off when people start hopping on the bandwagon. So please continue to watch me fuck up and re-do steps trying to build this bandwagon.



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