Slow Dough Part 3 (600-700)

The journey from 600-700 followers was done with out any special tactics other than just interacting as much as I could. I continually go through my recent followers and react to some of their tweets. Its working I think because I only react to stuff that’s actually interesting to me so I’m not coming off fake. I also noticed my recent followers are exactly who I want to follow me.

People like “inspirational” quotes more that anything I noticed so any point in the day where I get a nice thought  I share it. Building relationships seems to be the key so that’s all I’m going to do. I’ve got a list I keep of people that could be influential to what I’m trying to do and I work on ways to interact with them and get their attention.

The best advice I’ve got from the internet so far though is to keep consistent. Its not a good look if I’m trying to promote a blog that doesn’t post at least every week. If I come a across any type of online account and the recent activity is from a month ago I’m gone.

Remember I don’t know shit and this is my journey to know it. I’ll let you know how 700-800 goes.




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