Producer Spotlight #8 Cheta Meister

I’ve been hoping to come across a sound like what Cheta puts together. I can figure out where he’s exactly from so I’ll have to reach out for that info but he does reside in the US. He’s comes up with beats for the conscious/alternative Hip Hop fan. He can get creative with the live sounding drums or hit you with a trippy trap type drum sequence.

He has a lot of music that mellows you out but the drums go hard enough to where you could mix a little anger on the track as well. He titles a lot of his music as ‘Chance the Rapper’/’Logic’/’J Cole’ type beats. This just gives me an idea of the type of artist he wishes to hear on his beats. So don’t lay no wack not thought out rhymes on dudes beats!!! Check his links on The iLL List.




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