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About Stay at Home Be At the Game

The Stay at Home - Be at the Game Project provides fans across the World with a unique opportunity to have their cardboard cut out picture within the stadium via the Stay at Home - Be at the Game.

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The project could help to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic by:

  1. Incentivizing fans to stay away from stadiums whilst matches are taking place.

  2. Providing financial donations to support the fight against Covid-19.

The Process
  1. A Fan makes the order by filling a form.

  2. The order is manufactured and shipped to the club.

  3. A club official collects and installs the cardboard cut out within the stadium


    Whitby Town 

    have joined the 'Be At The Game' scheme, meaning that they will have a cardboard cutout at the

    Towbar Express


    November 22, 2023

    It’s great to see sports like football or soccer returning after the enforced break. In terms of Be At The Game, we set our organisation up to give the fans a bit of fun and a good way of supporting their club, especially the clubs in the lower divisions that rely on ‘gate receipts’ money to keep their clubs going. We have been talking with a number of sports bodies around the world in the last few weeks and football clubs particularly in England and decisions are about to be made in regards to which clubs are going to take part in the cardboard fan idea. Indeed there have are many innovations that are being considered whilst we cannot have real fans in our stadiums. This weekend I particularly liked the German broadcasters concept of playing audio of fans chanting in the Bundesliga games, it really worked for me.

    In terms of cardboard fans we are delighted to announce our first English non-league team Whitby Town of the northern premier league have signed with be at the game and cardboard fans are now available on our website.

    We hope to announce our first American Soccer league club shortly and hopefully we will be including your club soon…watch this space and tell your friends, thanks for your support.

    If you have any enquiries or would like to give us feedback then please email us @ [email protected]


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Important note

if you are intending on taking a picture using a mobile device please download and use the Google Chrome Web Browser. If this is not possible please upload your image from your photo Gallery.

When taking your photo please ensure the following :

  1. you must be directly facing the camera

  2. your image must fit into  the sillouhette shown

  3. your image must be from waist upwards, if the image is of a child then take full head to toe image

  4. please ensure there is only one image in the sillouhette shown and no additional people or pets

Be at the game Ltd are not responsible if you do not follow the guidelines and refunds will not be given

I agree to the Stay @ Home - Be at the Game Terms of Service (Tick Box) I agree to the processing of my information as described above and further explained in the Privacy Policy
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